Wake in the Spirit Father 09232019

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To my Father: Wake Father wake in the Spirit. You are no longer the disable veteran bound to a wheelchair in depression, uselessness & hopelessness. Even in your cross over U held great value and excellant worth.

Wake Father wake in the Spirit. Run now run in Your renewed body embrace God’s spiritual hand of Your youth.

Laugh, smile, & dance Dad. Walk the streets of Gold, comfort Your soul from the bosom of Your Mother’s spirituality. Share Ur childhood dirt field memories of fun with Ur sister’s.

As U soar Father soar, high in the skies. Look way above our earthly realm.

Father was in the AirForce in the 1950’s

Take into the 5th Dimension & aged Ur Aquarian out. Ride the waves of eternal life. Gently butterfly pat your children’s heads. As we weep sweet memories of kisses on Ur cheeks.

Father’s & Mother’s Children

Soar Father soar high in the clouds. Wind surf the shores lines of our beautiful seas. Softly land at the throne of Grace. With the sunset in Ur face. Thank U for providing, guiding, protecting and being there aways.

Wrap Ur living spirit around God’s divine renewal of Ur essence.

Father getting his fun on in the 1970’s.

Wake Father wake from the dead in Christ. Sleep is no longer necessary. As Ur eternal body can run Dad, run & enjoy Ur celestial youth. Soar with the kites U taught us to fly. I always knew U were in flight.

Go real high glide down close to Us we feel & now see Ur glorious hand in union with Toni Morrison John Singleton Nipsey Hussele & all those glatic beings before & after U. Part our red seas, matrix stop harm in our way, & provide no ways into ways for us.

Wake Father wake from Ur death rest. Hold Mom’s hand while U cha cha her around the room wispher sweet nothings in her ears. Comfort her lonely nights, as U forgive her days in despair.

Father & Mother getting their Party on in the 70’s

Pray with Mother Dear. Take Aunt Dolly to Boston in spades. And lock up Domino games with Grand Pa Parker, Matthew, Dave, Blunt Up with Ur buddies Racy, John, Bernard, The Michael’s, Mark & The Richards.

Jess, Aunt Dolly, GrandDad Buddy; MotherDear, Tosh, & Nick. Summer 1985 Family Reunion

Go Spiritual fishing with Big Daddy & Bud Daddy. And eat Mother Georgia peacan pies. Made just for U Dad. Soar Father soar high above racism, classism, sexism, proverty & despair.

Wake Father wake in the spirit. Forgive Ur self for being sick. Untangle your half dead body from the plight of death.

Run Father run the race set before U. Arthur Ash the tennis courts against Ur opponents.

Arthur Ashe

And Michael Jordan the greatness of a ball in a mans hand.

Picture from Michael Jordan Height, Stats, and Body Measurements

As U keep whispering in my ear those 4 sentences out of the 9 paragraphs of conversations I had with U about this thing called life. One day I took a deep breath, passed out woke hours later to an angel watching me. I knew Ur spirit with my ancestors was intercessing with the most high for my earthly protection.

So Wake Father wake in the Spirit. Our Youth has it right No one really dies (NERD).

Ur Kidd in Christ VvFoxySolutions.wordpress.com

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