Celebrities who Reveal their Mental Health Issues & How they Cope.

Tragic events can activate the need for mental health care.
Let’s discuss positive coping mechanism after dealing with a tragic event. As a Disable Veteran my treatment included group therapy. With tools on how to deal with death of a family member, love one,
employee, or fellow troop in aq8 military squad.

Mental health care is just as important as getting a cast on a broken arm or leg.

As a Survivor of Rape Gabrielle Union discuss how her Support Group at UCLA’s Rape Crises Center & Her Dog Bubba help her deal with & overcome shame & humiliation.
Around the World Brave Celebrities Share their Mental Health Concerns & Address how they cope with their issues.
Do You have a family of mental health issues? See how The Rock & His Family keep depression in check while assisting others.
Mental Health care is a Needed for all walks of life.

Bloggers this is 2019 We should be safe and protected to seek & share your/our Mental Health Issues & Treatments

Do You suffer from Anxiety or Depression?

See how Kendall Jenner reveals her mental health issue’s.
Its OK, to get Medical care and treatment. Ms. Amanda Seyfried shares her treatment plan of. Lexapro.

More to follow as we discuss mental health issues. How to deal with & overcome negative social beliefs/and or disbeliefs about the need for proper & correct mental health resources & care compatible to Your, Mine, & Our DNA’s. Peace, Blessing, Health & Prosperity. VvFoxy

2 thoughts on “Celebrities who Reveal their Mental Health Issues & How they Cope.

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