Dude brought Me a note from his Doctor. I was like Nigga please. Am a Christian Woman. You ain’t No missed them hoes Rapper.

I had to wonder did my portential Man know how to get me to the beach front?

U going 2 my Dr.

After we literally came back. from Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Who is being sexual conscious of there health? While engaging in sexual activity? Condoms, Birth Control, or Abstinence? Which one do You choose? This blogg is deciated to my Cousin Matthew Hosea he passed from Aids in the 90’s my family was devastated. Today I am ThankFul the Treatment available. I encourage all Bloggers & Ever1 You know get medical medical check ups. Peace & Blessings, VvFoxySolutions.WordPress.com

Who has tbought about a date to discuss healthy sexual encounters?

When was the last time You had Yourself medically check out?

Did You know Mr. Johnson has a mobile units to check your health status?
Did You know Your health is Your wealth? Mrs.Adams quote.