How I over came bad Tenants

Wealth Management. With the right crew Property Management can earn You good pocket change. I was making $200 per month (gas money) till my tenants flip. I had some good tenants gone bad. Not only did they not pay rent & refuse to move. They destroyed my property. To get my place back on point. It took 2 years. Please see my after & before pictures. Thank God for Amazon, & Ross I was able to review different living & dining room sets & restor my place on a tight budget. I could not believe the tenants let their dogs pee & crap in my carpet & on my couch. Then flip the couch pillows over & make out. Aaaaaaaa. Plus my yard & porch also needed repair.  The 3 pictures below are after. The following 3 pictures are before I made repairs.

3 pictures below piss & poop in my carpet. Dog pissed on pillows. Tenant allowed their dogs to destroyed my couch & was living in the back of my couch in piss & poop. Aaaaaaa.